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Amazing reader app

The best app of reading, especially for manga!


This try is a useful tools for those who are learning Japanese and want to try their hand on reading real novels. I recommend though that you have at-least a years study behind you and know a good amount of kanji. And as a boom reader itself its really useful I use it for all works I want read on my iPod


iCloud Drive対応して欲しい。

The best reading App

As a chinese user,i love ibunko very much.It has a simple interface ,but makes me fell comfortable. Compared with the goodreader,ibunko has more flexible settings which fits your reading habit. Such as adjusting the font, line spacing, layout and so on. Absolutely ibunko is a great reading software.

great app for reading TXT,but...

please add support for more formats, especially epub, in the next upadate!!!!


It does its job perfectly. Read from Aozora Bunko or your own txt/zip files, and of course supports images. Theres not just dictionary options, there are many options such as Tweet and Daijisen support. Do not hesitate. Wonderful app. Buy now!

Can not login to Dropbox

After this update I cannot login to Dropbox. Please fix it.

Why Only for iOS7?

Cannot update to latest version anymore! It says just for new design layout and text speech, iBunkoS requires iOS7... Are you kidding me? Investigate how many users you have with iOS6 before making stupid decision! Im moving to other reader apps now!

Best Japanese Study Tool

Everything about this app is beautiful. The read out loud function is perfect for studying kanji.

Best reading app out there!!

Would you mind adding a feature so that I can rename a book folder in a shelf manually?

good app

please. support gif file


a nice and comfortable app but hope to support epub files

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